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Conflict Free:

Gems, particularly diamonds, that are certified to have come from sources that do not use the sales proceeds to buy weapons or carry on armed struggles.

Fair Trade:

A term originally applied to agricultural products produced overseas, fair trade in the jewelry industry refers to the payment of a fair price for gems or precious metals produced by free workers in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner. Green gold is one example

Green Gold:

gold mined under contract with small communities that use traditional, non-intensive and non-disruptive mining methods, such as panning or sluicing (as opposed to excavation or h hydraulic mining)

Green Refining & Reclamation:

The recycling of raw materials, usually precious metals but increasingly gems to avoid mining and the reclamation of materials used in refining such as chemicals and water.

Kimberley Process:

A U.N. supported international agreement drafted in Kimberley, South Africa, that dates from 2000. It governs the certification of diamonds by countries that export diamond rough. Exporters must certify that the rough has a legal origin and has not been used to benefit military, terrorist or paramilitary groups.

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