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What is Green Box?

Green Box™ is an innovative concept to reduce the impact of mining and related activities on our already fragile planet. Instead of mining for new gold products, Green Box™ encourages the reuse of jewelry items to create new pieces.

When you look at a piece of jewelry, do you stop to consider what it took to create it? The chemicals, the environmental disruption as well as the potential long-term effects of open mining leave scars on our planet that do not justify the process, not to mention that eventually no more gold resources will be left to mankind.

Instead of creating jewelry with newly mined gold, Green Box™ has developed a program where people can buy eco-friendly jewelry made from recycled gold. The members of Green BOX program while be able to think green & save the planet.

At Green BOX™ Program, all your broken, outdated and unused jewelry can come to life and earn you store credit. That credit could be applied towards a newly crafted ecological jewelry made from recycled gold. Wearing these eco-friendly pieces will bring you joy and it will make a positive impact on the earth.

In addition to only using recycled gold, Green Box™ is also committed to using non-conflict created & non-conflict recycled natural diamonds & gemstones. By choosing created or recycled natural diamonds you are actively helping to stop a vicious circle of warfare, exploitation and environmental damage.
Everyone adores jewelry, but when we really consider the environmental cost the sheen and luster on that new gold piece is somewhat reduced. Choosing to purchase a recycled gold piece allows the wearer to enjoy the luxury of a gorgeously-crafted ring or other type of jewelry without the guilt. Now you can help to benefit the environment as well as enjoy gold jewelry

Here is how you can participate:

Recycle your old jewelry to benefit the environment and then use Green Box’s gold to make your rings: part or all of the store credit (equivalent to 87% of the gold’s market value) can be donated to benefit an environmental organization. You can choose the amount you wish to donate, and use the remainder of the store credit to purchase new jewelry.
Reuse your old jewelry to benefit the environment and use your gold to make your rings: part or all of the store credit (equivalent to 100% of the gold’s market value) can be donated to benefit an environmental organization. For a $100 refining and separate casting fee Green ORO will use to create a new ring.
Donate your old jewelry: will simply donate on your behalf your old jewelry once it is refined and the amount of credit is established. You will be sent a receipt of donation and be a part of Green Movement.

Feel free to read through the rest of our content to find out how the Green Box™ program works, and then browse our extensive collection of green wedding rings, conflict-free diamond rings and gold jewelry. If at any time you have questions please call one of our operators and they will gladly assist you.

Jewelry is beautiful and lasting, much like our planet. Take care of both with the help of Green Box™.


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