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Green Oro Means

Function: Noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek ORO: Gold, Gold Color, Ornaments, Trinkets made of gold

ORO Belief:
At Green ORO, our belief is that everyone around the world should join hands in safer environment, eco-friendly world.

How was the name ORO chosen?
In 2003, Shimon Farkas searched for a name that could evoke the values of the Green Company and a Green Box Brand, that would make a difference and would be the rebirth of the green jewelry located at Houston, Texas.

How & Why:
Worldwide news about the dangers of climate change and even higher prices at the gasoline pump have made American consumers more aware of the cost and consequences of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. The green movement is taking hold in every consumer good category. In the future, consumers may check you’re “GREEN” rating much like they look at calorie counts today. Sensitivity to the environment in fine jewelry is an outgrowth of spiritual inspired green jewelry. Green ORO very soon will be starting its Spiritual Green Collection.

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