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Everyone else talks about their dreams of Green but Shimon & Boryana Farkas are the ones who believe in making dreams come true. They are the prime manufacturers of 100% recycled gold jewelry. Originally they began as manufacturers & diamond wholesalers in Houston Galleria area. They are actively involved in the green movement for last 6 – 7 years.

After manufacturing the pieces for some of the green companies for over 6 years, Shimon and Boryana have decided to launch their own campaign and bring not only the green jewelry but save you money. They welcome you to compare their prices with other ‘so-called’ green manufactures.

Better price
Better price Time
ORO Certificate of Authenticity
Over 100 years of custom manufacturing experience
Prime Manufacturers no outsourcing, everything done on the premises.
Green ORO welcomes you to visit our Facility in Houston Galleria Area and inspect our Green Process. 

Green ORO – is devoted to showing the world that the enjoyment of handcrafted custom gold jewelry shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment.

Green ORO is based on the concept that recycling gold into new pieces allows us to enjoy beautifully crafted gold jewelry while remaining eco-friendly by preventing the mining of new gold ore. Green ORO currently is the leading manufacturer of recycled jewelry and supplies to major eco jewelry vendors across the country.

Green ORO proudly presents GREEN BOX program. Direct to the consumer process for recycling and reusing old gold in order to recreate new jewelry. Consumers now have the choice to recycle, reuse or donate their old jewelry. Green ORO also offers Cash for Gold, a concept not offered by any other GREEN JEWELERS.

With Green ORO you will enjoy the beautiful gold jewelry that did not affect the environment negatively. Additionally, with our eco-friendly commitment we would like to inform you that “Together we can make a difference; One Ring & One Tree at a Time”




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