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Green ORO provides you with an information regarding the ecological characteristics of the green jewelry you are buying. Each component of the Green ORO conflict free diamond rings, green wedding bands, green jewelry has its own history behind the making of it with a Unique ORO Tag Number. Sometimes different parts of a jewelry piece are sourced or processed differently. While we only carry ORO Jewelry which is made of 18k 100% recycled gold, conflict free daimonds & lab created precious gemstones to achieve a perfectly custom green jewelry product.

Each ORO Ring, will come with an ORO Certificate of Authenticity for each that is custom made and sent to you. We provide ORO Certificate of Authenticity so that you may better evaluate your purchase and have the utmost satisfaction.

In our manufacturing facility, careful records are kept regarding the gold used in the process of jewelry making. As the gold goes through different processes and forms before becoming the finished jewelry, the ecological characteristics attributable to it and other added components are recorded and we don’t outsource to other artists and goldsmiths like few of the vendors who are selling Custom Green Jewelry. At Green ORO, we are the prime manufacturers and assure you that no one in the industry can offer you better prices on green jewelry & UNDERSELL us. The major reason is from recycling to finished goods, all the steps are directly under the quality check of our experienced team, and hence we can issue ORO Certificate of Authenticity to back each of our green jewelry.

The finished piece of green jewelry, green wedding bands, eco wedding bands, conflict free diamond rings is ready for sale; it receives a Unique ORO Tag Number.  This certification can be used by customers to access the cumulative records.

ORO Certification for each product on this site is representative of the ecological footprint of the design you are buying.   When you receive your purchase, it will have a Unique ORO Tag number which tracks your specific piece of eco green jewelry with an ORO Certificate of Authenticity.



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