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How to Reuse Unwanted Old Jewelry

Green Box's innovative Green Box Reuse Program allows you to take your old gold items and have it remade into new, fashionable gold pieces. By participating in this program you are not only recreating any sentimental gold jewelry into new ones but you are reducing the impact of mining for new reserves.

Here are some of Green Box's most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the topic of gold reuse:

How does the process work?

First you will need to fill out an enrollment form. In that form you will find all the instructions and information you will need to participate in the Reuse Gold Program. You will mail your old jewelry to Green ORO Attention Green BOX Reuse Program and upon receiving of the merchandize; one of our representatives will contact you with the amount of “STORE CREDIT” offered.

How much does it cost?

Green ORO will charge a nonrefundable flat fee of $100 for refining and separate casting of your new jewelry. The amount is over and above the regular cost of the rings, but it is only charged once per order, not per ring.

How long does the jewelry manufacturing process take?

You should allow us 4-6 weeks for your new jewelry to be manufactured.

What if I don’t send in enough gold?

Recycled gold will be added in order to complete your jewelry items.

What if I send too much gold?

Green ORO store credit will be issued to you for the excess amount.

Can I have the excess gold returned?

At this time, we are not able to return the excess gold due to the refining process involve but the store credit will be issued for that excess gold.

How much of a store credit will I receive?

The store credit will be equivalent to 100% of the market value of the gold you send.

Is it better to reuse or recycle my gold pieces?

It will be more beneficial to you, to choose the Green BOX Recycle option if you are not sentimentally attached to the gold pieces.

How does the color of the gold I send affect the color of the piece Green ORO creates for me?

The final color of the jewelry you ordered will not be affected by the color of gold items sent for recycle or reuse due to the refining process involved. At Green ORO, any color could be sent and any color could be created.

Does the reused gold need to be refined, or can it just be melted for a lower cost?

We don’t offer a melting process due to the high standards of refining and manufacturing we use. Green ORO takes a great care and is highly concerned about the quality of our merchandize.

What is the best type of jewelry to send?

All gold items excluding gold filled and gold plated. Keep in mind that you will receive credit equivalent of the GOLD CONTENTS of the item, not the value of the finished jewelry product.

Can I send platinum piece for recycling?
Yes, but please call us at 713-789-7977 for an estimate.

Can I send silver piece for recycling?
Unfortunately, not at this time.

What happens to any gems set in the jewelry?

Since we are mostly looking for gold to recycle at this time you will likely not be offered a credit for gems, however we will be happy to return the gems to you for a $10 fee per gem (to cover the cost of removal) plus shipping fees. We cannot guarantee that your gem will not be broken while it is being removed, so if the gem is of value to you it is recommended to have the stone removed before sending the gold settings to Green ORO.

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